Program Policies

Loss of student status

A student loses its status even if he/she has attended the formative activities set out in the curricula, when he/she has not passed exams and/or the other tests relative to the entire curriculum and has not gained the number of credits necessary to gain the degree, during the normal duration of the course. To finish the course, the student must enrol for the missed year and pay the set contribution for each exam taken. The amount is communicated annually to the relative students and affixed on the school notice board.


On the request of the student who has suspended his/her studies, the School will evaluate the obsolescence of the acquired credits and will communicate to the student which year’s course he/she must enrol in if he/she wants to take up studies again. Besides the fee set out for the year of the course for enrolment, the suspended student must pay the corresponding sum of the previous missed enrolled years.

Drop out

A student will become a drop out in the absence of enrolment to the following years for 8 consecutive years. In the circumstance where the drop out wishes to take up his/her studies again, the student is considered as a “new student” and therefore subject to enrolment.

Working Students

The student is considered to be a working student when he/she exercises on a lasting basis (at least 40 hours per month) both clerical work and free-lance work. The working student must certificate his/her status by providing to the School formal documents attesting his /her working situation.

The student, as a working student, can be exempted from mandatory-attendance, and can benefit of:

  • the possibility of the recognition of credits (CFU) accrued outside the institutional training courses;
  • the possibility of taking exams in additional working students-dedicated sessions;
  • discuss and plan exams dates and times with the professors in order to schedule the exams according to the student’s working agenda.