Lingua e Traduzione | Inglese

Laurea Triennale in Scienze della Mediazione Linguistica

  • III anno

  • Insegnamento Annuale

  • In Lingua Inglese

  • 40 ore accademiche

  • 6 CFM

Presentazione dell'Insegnamento

This year continues from the second year, with the second half of the Cambridge Advanced (C1 level) text book being followed to its end. As before, topics are introduced and analysed, then practised with exercises done in class or at home, and any doubts or questions being resolved in class discussion. Reading exercises are allotted as homework. As in the second year, some listening exercises will be done, if they introduce useful vocabulary or grammar points.

Obiettivi Formativi

Further developing English at C1 level, particularly grammar and vocabulary skills. There are two exams, one at the end of each term. The exams consist of 25 multiple-choice questions for Grammar, 25 multiple-choice questions for Vocabulary and 22-28 questions for 3 Reading texts. For Grammar and Vocabulary, each question has 4 options of which 1 is selected.



Ability, possibility, obligation



Contrast linkers


Cleft sentences


Easily-confused words

Phrasal verbs



Bibliografia/Materiale Didattico

“Complete Advanced” from Cambridge University Press Supplementary materials as appropriate.