English for Fashion, Food and Design

Laurea Triennale in Scienze della Mediazione Linguistica

  • I anno

  • Insegnamento Semestrale

  • In Lingua Inglese

  • 20 ore accademiche

  • 3 CFM

Presentazione dell'Insegnamento

This course offers a comprehensive view of the exciting industries of fashion, food and design, focusing on fundamental concepts common across all three dynamic industries. We will look into the core principles of fashion, how it affects our performance, and how we use it to communicate. We will then delve into the global food export industry and understand what sets Italian cuisine apart. At the same time, we will learn the importance of describing food using proper language. Finally, we will explore the world of design, identifying the very principles of good design and appreciating the role of design in our daily lives. Throughout the course, the students will cultivate their English language proficiency in the context of these exciting industries.

Obiettivi Formativi

  • To examine specialized lexicons of the fashion, food, and design sectors by employing primary source texts in their native language (authentic material) alongside visual aids.
  • To enhance the critical comprehension of English-language literature, and to foster an environment conducive to extensive discourse and reflection concerning themes distinct to the said industries.
  • To expose students with the diverse array of prospective career trajectories within these industries and to instill the skills required to succeed in them.
  • To give students the invaluable opportunity to augment their exposure to genuine, up-to-date industry materials rendered in English, thereby honing their linguistic and professional acumen.


Lesson 1: Fashion Basics To understand the basics of fashion and style

Lesson 2: Power of Clothing To explore how clothing can influence our confidence and the way we communicate

Lesson 3: Sustainable Fashion To learn about sustainable fashion and second-hand clothing trends.

Lesson 4: Inclusivity and Diversity To examine the growing sensitivity for these themes in fashion

Lesson 5: Global Food Industry Trends To explore global food export and the growing industry trends

Lesson 6: Food Safety and Traceability To understand food safety and its importance

Lesson 7: Food and Travel To discuss global food and its role in travel

Lesson 8: Basics of Design To define design and discuss the principles of good design.

Lesson 9: Everyday Design and Aesthetics To describe everyday design and what influences design trends

Lesson 10: Combining Fashion, Food, and Design To discuss how fashion, food, and design can create branded experiences.

Bibliografia/Materiale Didattico

All the materials will be provided by the professor during the classroom lecture.