English for Fashion, Food and Design

Laurea Triennale in Scienze della Mediazione Linguistica

  • I anno

  • Insegnamento Semestrale

  • In Lingua Inglese

  • 20 ore accademiche

  • 3 CFM

Presentazione dell'Insegnamento

English for Fashion, Food and Design teaches specific terminology and concepts of the fashion, food and design industries, through the use of authentic material in the original language.

The course seeks to develop skills including but not limited to critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. At the end of the course, the students would have had the chance to understand the various career opportunities within the three industries.

Obiettivi Formativi

The objectives on the course include: To introduce relevant vocabulary (terminolgies and functional language) useful for the industries To encourage analysis by examining case studies and examples of applied concepts To improve critical reading of English authentic material To encourage discussions and reflections on themes relevant to the three industries.


Fashion and Style Idioms and Expressions Sustainable Fashion and Greenwashing The Fashion Supply Chain and Circular Economy A snapshot of the food communication industry Idioms and Expressions Language to describe food Fighting food waste The real purpose of design Characteristics of good design Iconic designs Trends that affect the product design industry

Bibliografia/Materiale Didattico

All materials are provided by the instructor during the course