English for Fashion, Food and Design

Laurea Triennale in Scienze della Mediazione Linguistica

  • III anno

  • Insegnamento Semestrale

  • In Lingua Inglese

  • 20 ore accademiche

  • 3 CFM

Presentazione dell'Insegnamento

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of English for Fashion, Food, and Design, with a focus on fundamental concepts applicable across these dynamic industries. It will start with the core principles of fashion, investigating the cognitive influence of clothing, and studying the intersection of sustainability and luxury. It will then pivot to the global food export industry and will examine luxury as defined in culinary experiences. Lastly, it will look into the world of design, discerning the principles of good design and tracing iconic creations. Throughout the course, students will cultivate their English language proficiency in the context of these exciting industries, empowering them with the skills necessary for effective communication and collaboration in the global luxury marketplace.

Obiettivi Formativi

The course systematically examines the specialized lexicons of the fashion, food, and design sectors by employing primary source texts in their native language alongside visual aids. Its primary aim is to enhance the critical comprehension of Englishlanguage literature, fostering an environment conducive to extensive discussions and reflections concerning themes across these three distinct industries. It endeavors to acquaint students with the diverse array of prospective career trajectories within these industries and to instill the necessary language and skills to succeed in them. Finally, it gives students the invaluable opportunity to augment their exposure to genuine, cutting-edge industry materials rendered in English, thereby honing their linguistic skills and professional knowledge.


EFFD – Terzo Anno Triennale AA 23/24

Lesson 1: Fashion Essentials To understand the fundamental terminology, styles, and idioms in the fashion industry.

Lesson 2: Sustainable Fashion To explore the concept of sustainable fashion and its impact on the industry.

Lesson 3: Luxury in Fashion To define luxury in fashion and analyze the interplay between luxury and sustainability.

Lesson 4: Culinary Terms and Trends To explore global culinary trends and learn food-related terms and expressions.

Lesson 5: Made In Italy: Food and Beverage Export To discuss Made in Italy food and beverage in the world stage and its role in tourism.

Lesson 6: Gourmet Dining: Where Food Meets Luxury To delve into the world of gourmet dining and how it embodies the synergy between food and luxury.

Lesson 7: Principles of Design To learn the fundamental principles of design and iconic designs.

Lesson 8: Aesthetics and Trends To describe aesthetics in design and identify current trends shaping product design.

Lesson 9: Understanding Luxury in Design To gain an understanding of the concept of luxury in the context of design.

Lesson 10: Branded Experiences Objective: Combine concepts from fashion, food, and design to create branded experiences.


Bibliografia/Materiale Didattico

All materials will be provided by the professor during the lectures.