The Master Degree fees amounts to 10,500.00 Euro per year; the costs for any other payments and fees are outlined in art. 3.

  1. The tuition fees for the years following the first year of study may be increased annually, in respect to the previous year by a maximum of 3%.
  2. Method of Payment

Payment of the enrollment fee of 3000.00 Euro needs to be paid:

  • for the first year, at the time in which this contract is signed;
  • for the second year, by 30/04 of the year that precedes the beginning of the academic year

There are two possible methods to complete the remainder of the payment for the academic year:

  • One-time payment
  • payment in 2 installments. 

One-Time Payment (Discount 250.00 Euro)
The remaining amount of the payment will be paid in one transaction by 19/10 of the year with an applied discount of 250.00 Euro.

Enrollment fee + 2 installments
The remaining amount of the payment will be paid in 2 installments, the first installment of Euro 3500.00 will be due by October 20th of each year and the second installment of euro 4000.00 January 20th of each year

3. Thesis Fee & other payments

  • For students registered for their 2nd year, a payment of 450,00 Euro is to be made for their thesis by 28/02 of the 2nd academic year.
  • Regional DSU Tax for Tuscan Region of Euro 140,00 to be paid following the procedures indicated on (for assistance please write to