The Director of Studies of The Institute for Linguistic Mediators of Pisa establishes the calendar, organizes the teaching of the courses of study, indicates the methods of carrying out and the times of the lessons, the exams, the assessments of suitability, the final diploma exam.

Teaching management and communications with students takes place through a dedicated web platform, Hyperplanning, to which each student will have access through specific authentication credentials.

Courses take place from October to May, from Monday to Saturday.

Exams take place in three ordinary sessions (summer - autumn - winter) and in two extraordinary sessions dedicated to working students, off-course students and parents with minor children (April - November).

The official dates of the start and end of lessons and breaks, as well as the beginning of the exam session, are established annually by the Management and communicated with a specific calendar to students at the beginning of the academic year.

As already mentioned, students will have a web platform where they can find class schedules, test and exam calendars, course programs, and materials that teachers make available to students. The platform also allows students and teachers to exchange e-mail messages.