Master Degree (LM-94)

The Master's Degree Courses (LM-94) represent the 2nd level of university studies, which students who meet the entry requirements listed on this page, can access.

To achieve one of the two Master's Degrees (LM-94) listed below, the student must acquire 120 credits, modelled on the basis of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), through a second-cycle study course structured over two years.

The objective of the Master's Degree Courses (LM-94) is to ensure the student

  • advanced level training for the exercise of highly qualified activities
  • as well as a mastery of scientific methods and content in the linguistic field.

The professional in communication techniques and the interpreter will then be able to enter the world of work directly, or through a training and orientation internship.

Leveraging the network of international relations with partner universities, the School offers its students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the linguistic and cultural realities being studied, through a semester of study or internship abroad. Specifically, the Master's Degree Courses (LM-94) of the SSML of Pisa provide for 27 Educational Credits that must be acquired through a semester of study (abroad) or internship (in Italy or abroad).

The student can thus complete their training with knowledge and skills acquired at the partner university, understanding the higher education system, the culture and the country of one of their study languages from within.

Following are the two paths:


The aim is to train the student in interpreting techniques in the two graduate languages through, in particular, simultaneous, consecutive and dialogic interpretation workshops, both active and passive. All this will allow the student to hone the techniques and gain experience through practice in these difficult disciplines


The aim is to train the student to become a communication professional both in International Business and in the context of International Organizations.