Foundation Year - Preparatory Courses

Due to the various school reforms there are not many High School courses that offer the study of two or more languages. An ever growing number of students has to face the problem of a course of study offering two degree languages, by maintaining the aim of concluding the course with excellent skills in both languages.

Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici di Pisa meets its students’ needs and the job market’s requirements by setting up preparatory courses.

Today the number of students with a high school diploma in classics, science, technology and art who started their second language as beginners, is higher than the number of those who had the possibility of studying in depth two or more languages at high school. Therefore, in case a student only speaks one language, he/she can still enroll in the study course for Language Mediators. The student can be enrolled in a preparatory course in one language but at the same time can attend the first-year course of another language. The preparatory courses last a year. The courses are proportionally set up according to the number of students enrolled. After having attended these courses, in the summer session, the students will sit the exam to verify the language skills they have achieved. This is a non-credits exam. To receive further information about SSML Foundation Year please send an email to