Final Dissertation

Besides the exams set out for the third year, students must discuss their dissertation in one of the two languages studied in these three years. The student is admitted to the final examination after having acquired all the required credits.

The student enrolled in the last year of course must pay the dissertation tax, the sum of which is established and communicated by e-mail to the students and affixed on the school board along with the deadline for the presentation and application for the dissertation.

The dissertation is on a topic agreed to by a supervising Professor in relation to the chosen course and must be presented following the specific terms communicated annually and affixed on the board.

The faculty provides the guideline for the dissertation.

A Board expresses its evaluation of the final examination both for content and for presentation. The Board is composed by at least 5 members along whom the Director of Studies and an external member nominated by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research). The final grade is expressed out of 100. At the conclusion of his/her studies the student must have acquired language competences, to at least level C (independent/proficiency) of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

After three year course (180 credits) SSML of Pisa awards a three year degree in Language Mediation to all effects equivalent to a Degree in L-12 (Linguistic Mediation Science) awarded by State universities.