A.A. 2021-2022
for Bachelor Degree and Master Degree


SSML Institute

For almost 30 years, the aim of the Institute for Linguistic Mediators of Pisa has been that of turning out experts in management and foreign languages capable of grasping the opportunities of the continually evolving world of work. Thanks to the Ministerial Decree n.38/2002 with which the organization of the sector has been reformed, the School has obtained its own personal acknowledgment and has been able to activate 3-years Bachelors in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation (Degree Class L-12) and to award the Diploma of Linguistic Mediation Sciences equivalent to the Bachelor Degree In Linguistic Mediation Sciences, obtained in the state universities. 

The experience of the School in linguistic training dates back to 1990 but, the Esedra Group of which the School is part, operate in the education field since 1977 with the priority mission of having students at the very center of each activity of the schools.   

The School has also obtained the authorization from the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education) to activate 2-years Master Degree study paths and from January 2020 has been able to add to its academic offering the Master Degree class LM-94 in Interpreting and Translation. SSML is the only Institute in Tuscany that offers this opportunity and one of the few in Italy, that offers the possibility to international students, to attend this specific Master Degree  entirely taught in English language.

Moreover, for over 10 years, SSML has been designing advanced and innovative post-graduate training courses specifically created/designed for graduates and young professionals who are looking to improve their skills with an additional wealth of knowledge in order to easily access international careers.

Today the school hosts students from all over Italy and from abroad, which has led to the need to create both master and short international courses, taught entirely in English. These programs are open to students from all over the world who desire to hit the job market with top quality training and a CV to reflect it, without losing time and resources. 

The international SSML Master Courses and Short Courses are held in Florence, Italy, in order to allow students the opportunity to experience a unique personal study and cultural path, to live one of the most enchanting cities in the world, and to connect with Italian excellences directly from the inside.

The school's mission is to train professionals to immediately enter the job market; professionals without linguistic or cultural barriers, capable of being operational without needing further on-the-job training.

SSML is not only a school, it also works to connects professionals and industries.

SSML guides students in the right direction, helping them realize their passions, dreams and personal attitudes and by developing students’ skills through a practical teaching methodology that is functionally relevant to the real needs of the international working field.