Opportunità di Volontariato Internazionale - Estonia - Fire Artist’s competition 20-27 Febbraio 2017


Il Volontariato internazionale è un'occasione per vivere un'esperienza all'estero nell'ambito di un progetto utile alla collettività e alla comunità locale, di solito organizzato da una associazione, da un Ente locale o da semplici gruppi di cittadini. Il campo di volontariato internazionale è un luogo in cui volontari di diversi paesi, con culture ed esperienze diverse, si incontrano per vivere e lavorare insieme per alcune settimane agendo come un attore sociale all'interno della comunità locale. Il contatto con la comunità locale fa del campo un'esperienza unica, un modo irripetibile per guardare il mondo con occhi diversi, vivendo e conoscendo la realtà locale non da semplice turista.

Vi segnaliamo questa interessante opportunità promossa dalla International Youth Association ESTYES in partenariato con la Fire Artist's Association, nel Villaggio di Saula in Estonia.


International Youth Association EstYES is non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization which was established in 1991 with the purpose to promote youth and cultural exchanges for better understanding and just world. It is a pioneer organization in the field of international voluntary service in Estonia.

Our objectives

• to increase international understanding and solidarity between countries and people;

• to promote continues dialogue between young people all over the world;

• to enable young people by living and working together to learn from each other, discover the variety of cultures, broaden horizons thus building bridges over differences;

• to promote international voluntary service in Estonia as a tool for local development;

• to help solution of actual problems in Estonia by means of international voluntary service. Our activities

• organize voluntary camps in Estonia and send Estonian volunteers abroad;

• send Estonian volunteers to mid- and long-term voluntary services abroad;

• host volunteers from abroad on mid- and long-term projects in Estonia;

• participate in EVS program as sending, hosting and coordinating organization;

• organize and run youth cultural exchanges of different kinds, study visits with various themes for youth foreign groups in Estonia and for Estonians abroad; • take part in conferences, seminars, training abroad and organise those in Estonia.

Target groups EstYES works with EstYES works mainly with young people 15 – 30, but not only. Actually EstYES voluntary projects are open to people of all ages without limits. Still the majority of them are high school or university students. Young people with fewer opportunities are the group of special consideration of EstYES. Our partners From 1994 we have exchanges with branches of SCI (Service Civil International) and from 1995 - with members of Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations, YAP (Youth Action for Peace) and their partner organizations. In 1998 we established cooperation with ICYE (International Cultural Youth Exchange). In October 1997 EstYES became a member of Alliance. Currently EstYES carries out a task of the General Secretary of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations. In 2007 EstYES became a member of Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) by UNESCO. Sources of income EstYES income is mainly consists of contributions and subscription fees from the participants of our programs. EstYES also receives grants for the projects from foundations like ASEF, Youth in Action Programme, European Youth Foundation, etc. EstYES does not receive any support from the state.

Fire Artist’s Association was founded to raise awareness of Fire Arts, to offer everyone a chance to learn and perform with any kind or type of Fire Art and to show that it can be much more than a primitive street arts. Association also promotes good standards of Fire Safety for fire artists cooperating closely with local rescue department. One of the largest projects is organizing Fire Artist’s competitions, which started off as a small event for local artists but quickly became the international one. Now every year the International Fire Artist’s Competition takes place in Estonia. This event is organized by a small community called Fire Artist’s Association and right now there are just not enough people to get everything done for the event. And international volunteers are invited to help it out. This year for the first time the event will be held from 20 to 27 February 2017 at a magical place called the Vikings Village (www.viikingitekyla.ee) at the same time with the yearly Vikings winter camp. This year the topic of the competition is “Brave Heart” and we expect only the bravest and strongest artists to make it to the event, which will be held outdoors in the Vikings Village arena after the Vikings tournament.

The event area is quite big, and there is a lot of preparation work to be done. You will also be involved in preparing technical and visual side of the event and making sure the event goes smoothly. So expect anything from decorating the rooms and especially areas outdoors, carrying the necessary equipment to the area to meeting, welcoming guests, showing directions and so on. You have to be creative, quick on your feet, able to find solutions on the spot, be flexible. And you have to be prepared to work outdoors at Estonian winter conditions.

Volunteers will live in the Vikings Village in a common shared room with good heating. Please bring a sleeping bag. Toilet and shower is available. Volunteers will have at least one meal per day provided by the village, other times you will prepare food by yourselves, for example on a camp fire outdoors. The ingredients will be provided by organizers. Please be prepared for low temperatures outside and being outdoors a lot.

Saula is a small village located 29 km to the south of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. More information about Vikings Village can be found on www.viikingitekyla.ee. And you can get a lot of information about Tallinn on www.tallinn.ee and www.visitestonia.com.

Special requirements: Please bring sleeping bag and your warmest clothes! It is not a must but desirable if you have some knowledge of fire safety, camping experience, good English. Please be prepared for low temperatures outside while staying outdoors a lot. Camp language is English.

Participation fee: Since EstYES neither its camp partner Fire Artist’s Association does not receive any financial support for this camp we have to charge participants an extra fee of 100 Euro. It has to be paid by volunteers upon arrival to the camp, and it is to cover accommodation, food and transportation costs.


Per ulteriori informazioni sulle modalità di partecipazione consultare i siti:

Oppure inviare un'email a: estyes@estyes.ee