Opportunità di volontariato internazionale - CSM - Marocco

Il Volontariato internazionale è un'occasione per vivere un'esperienza all'estero nell'ambito di un progetto utile alla collettività e alla comunità locale, di solito organizzato da una associazione, da un Ente locale o da semplici gruppi di cittadini. Il campo di volontariato internazionale è un luogo in cui volontari di diversi paesi, con culture ed esperienze diverse, si incontrano per vivere e lavorare insieme per alcune settimane agendo come un attore sociale all'interno della comunità locale. Il contatto con la comunità locale fa del campo un'esperienza unica, un modo irripetibile per guardare il mondo con occhi diversi, vivendo e conoscendo la realtà locale non da semplice turista.

Vi segnaliamo questa interessante opportunità promossa da CHANTIERS SOCIAUX MAROCAINS - CSM (www.csmorocco.org)



CSM is a non-profit NGO. It was created in 10/10/1963, CSM is a network of 45 sections through the Morocco.

CSM is a full member of :

- UMAC , Moroccan union of work camps association
- Associations space
- UMAV, Maghreb union of volunteering action
- ICYE, International Cultural youth exchange
- Fondation Anna Lindh

CSM is also a partner of the European Alliance of work camps associations


TYPE OF PROJECT: CSM13 New Year in Sahara from 26/12/2016 to 02/01/2017

The aim of this cultural project is to offer the participants the opportunity to get to know the Moroccan culture, specially the one from the south of Morocco, the Desert of Sahara, which fascinates everyone who comes to visit it. The participants will have the opportunity not only to visit the Desert as turist, but only to enjoy our culture from our hands an to get immersed into it, participating in the several activities proposed. The main aim of the project is to promote interculturality. Volunteers will make a voluntary work and Pottery courses (Painting and gardening work in school  + Learn how to cook some delicious Moroccan food+pottery courses). Volunteers will stay in the town of Zagora that sits at the foot of Anti-Atlas Mountains and on the shore of the Draa Valley in South Eastern Morocco. 



The volunteers are not required to have any previous experience. We are looking for enthusiastic, positive and respectful people, who are willing to work close with people from other nationalities to learn new skills and develop new relationships in ways that they choose and at a pace they feel comfortable with.



The volunteers do not have any obligatory task, as it's not a normal workcamp. The activities planned are to be organized exclusively for them to enjoy the Moroccan culture and way of living. They are expecte to participate actively in all of them: painting, cooking and making pottery.



The volunteers will be hosted in a Youth center or in a family house, depending on availability. They will be informed about this two weeks before their arrival. If they are staying in the youth center, we will cook 3 meals per day and we will make shifts to prepare them. Some days some volunteers will cook and others clean and the other way around. We will all help each other with the different tasks.


EUR 220,00


Per ulteriori informazioni sulle modalità di partecipazione consultare il documento a questo LINK  e inviare un'email a: csm_morocco@yahoo.fr