The occupational surveys carried out annually by Almalaurea indicate with little doubt that the Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting is one of the most effective choices in terms of employment.

5 years after graduation, 90% of graduates are employed: approximately 53% are employed on a permanent basis as many of LM-94 graduates choose to work as freelancers, being able to use the skills acquired in many sectors.


Graduates in Translation and Interpreting can perform highly responsible functions in public, private and international institutions in the fields of consecutive, simultaneous conference, community, liaison or other advanced interpreting, translation and editing, and revision of specialized texts and linguistic assistance.

By definition, the specialized Translator and the Interpreter are those who, thanks to the perfect command of English and / or Italian and two foreign languages, have the skills suitable for the transposition / translation of concepts expressed from one language to another in working environments, who require an advanced professional profile.

The specialized Translator and the Interpreter carry out professional activities in the field of international relations, at an interpersonal and company level, document research, draft texts in languages ​​such as reports, minutes, correspondence, and other high-profile assistance activity in business and institutional settings.

The Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting from The Institute for Linguistic Mediators of Pisa allows, after two years, an immediate insertion in the most highly qualified and high profile areas of multiple sectors. Not only the technical knowledge of languages, but also of culture, of the economic-legal, historical-touristic aspects of the various countries of reference, creates, in effect, professionals who are indispensable for the current labour market, at regional,  national and international levels.