Plan of Study

The Course of Study for International Students English mother-tongue or with an English level equal to level C1, in the Sciences of Linguistic Mediation (Degree Class L-12, 3 years, 180 CFU) of The Institute for Linguistic Mediators of Pisa, is characterized by providing the greatest number of hours in language in Italy: 1617 hours equal to 126 CFU, distributed in two graduate languages (Italian plus one chosen from Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian) and in a third language (chosen from Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian).

The aforementioned subjects, aimed at developing language skills, are flanked by subjects that prepare the student to operate in different contexts: in organizations with a focus on Marketing, Export, fashion and luxury markets, in international organizations, and tourism.

Classes are entirely taught in English.

The plan of study therefore includes a first year common to all and, starting from the second year, the course is divided into the following 4 curricular areas: