Mid-Term Exams

Mid-term and final exams and/or assessment tests consist of oral and/or written tests. Besides exams, assessment tests can be carried out during the courses (progress test).

The results of the progress tests may constitute the single element of final assessment for the judging commission.

The appointed teaching staff specify the exam format chosen at the beginning of the course. Exam admission in the linguistic field is not permitted without having passed the corresponding exam of the previous year.

In each session, the student in compliance with the administrative regulations, may sit all the exams without any limitations respecting the propaedeutics and the eventual declaration of attendance as set down in the curriculum.

The mark – on the traditional scale from 18/30 to 30/30 –remains the fundamental and distinctive factor of the level of each student’s achievement. The student gains formative credits only on passing the exams or other assessment.

The grades and relative credits are registered on the student’s personal booklet and on the exam certificate.

The results of the exams are communicated to the student by mail, on the area of the website reserved to students and affixed on the notice board.

Guideline regarding assessment credits

The assessment credit (in Italian CFU) is a tariff used in Italian Universities to assess the work task required to the student. Conventionally 1 credit is equal to 25 hours of work (personal study, attendance to a lab or classes). To obtain a three year degree are required 180 credits.

These credits were introduced by the University reform in 1999 (D.M.509/99 to allow a simplification concerning the acknowledgement of the exams taken in other Italian or foreign universities ( for example Erasmus programme): credits can be transferred through the European Transfer System (ECTS).

Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici sets out 180 credits and 20 exams.

In the summing up of 20 exams, internship (4 credits) and the final exam (dissertation 8 credits) are not included.