The exams take place in three ordinary sessions (summer - autumn - winter) and in two extraordinary sessions dedicated to working students, off-course students and parents with minor children (April - November).

The official start and end dates of lessons and holidays, as well as the beginning of the exam session, are established annually by the Management and communicated with a special calendar to students at the beginning of the academic year.


The exams and / or assessment tests consist of oral and / or written, twice yearly and annually.

In addition, the exams can be carried out in the form of tests and / or verifications even during the course of the year (on-going).

The results of the on-going tests may constitute the only final evaluation element for the jury. The instructors in charge will specify the exam form chosen at the beginning of their teaching.

It is not possible to be admitted to the examination of a language discipline without having passed the corresponding one of the previous year (prerequisite).

The grade - expressed out of thirty in which 18/30 is the minimum level for passing the exam - remains a fundamental and distinctive element of the learning level of each individual student. The student accrues the credits only after passing the exam or other form of verification.

The marks and related credits are reported in the student's personal book (also in digital form), as well as on the student's personal certificate. In each session, the student in good standing with the administrative position will be able to take all the exams without any limitation, in compliance with the prerequisites and any certificates of attendance required by the plan of study.

Normally each exam can be taken for two sessions, the following sessions are considered extraordinary sessions. For these exams, the exam fee must be paid. The amount of this contribution is communicated annually to the interested parties and posted in the school register.