Bachelor Degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation

The Course is structured over three years for a total of 180 university credits (ECTS).

The Course wants to ensure to the student an adequate competence of the methods and the general scientific contents, as well as the acquisition of specific professional competences in languages. Such integration allows to conclude the studies at SSML of Pisa with a competitive degree that will allow to immediately enter the job-market.

At the end of the bachelor program there are many opportunities:

  • Enter the job-market.
  • Continue studying by enrolling in a Full Time Specialized Master Program
  • Continue studying by enrolling in a 2-year Master Degree 

Future Career

Future Career

The Language Mediator is the person that, thanks to his/her mastery of foreign languages, allows the transposition/translation of the concepts expressed from one language to another. The Language Mediator graduated at SSMl is somebody with competences in management, is a manager of the future for international industries operating worldwide, a profile able to break every cultural and linguistic barrier, an open-mind professional with the right skills to operate in multicultural context and with a global vision of the economic processes. 


Some examples of job opportunities:

  • Key Account Manager, Export sales Manager, Product Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager, Retail Marketing Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Web Marketing Manager
  • Freelance interpreter, freelance translator, editorial translator, audio-visual translator, language consultant for foreign Chamber of Commerce, language consultant for security force.
  • Operator in external public relations of companies or public offices, representative for company communication for multinationals or import/export, spokesperson or press agent, translator or interpreter for press agencies.
  • Peace Operator, co-operator in humanitarian organizations, employee in Embassies or consulate Offices and operator in -government organizations.
  • Tour leader for cruise companies, employee in airline companies and tour operator, for International transport and delivery agencies, for mercantile marine and naval companies.
  • Operator within PCO (Professional Congress Organizer), in the hotel industry, as representative for external relations for museums and private tourism companies.
  • Manager in multinational societies in the human Resources Dep. of International companies.