About us

For almost 30 years, the aim of the Institute for Linguistic Mediators of Pisa has been that of turning out experts in management and foreign languages capable of grasping the opportunities of the continually evolving world of work.

Thanks to the Ministerial Decree n.38/2002 with which the organization of the sector has been reformed, the School has obtained its own personal acknowledgment and has been able to activate 3-years Bachelors in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation (Degree Class L-12) and to award the Diploma of Linguistic Mediation Sciences equivalent to the Bachelor Degree In Linguistic Mediation Sciences, obtained in the state universities.

The experience of the School in linguistic training dates back to 1990 but, the Esedra Group of which the School is part, operate in the education field since 1977 with the priority mission of having students at the very center of each activity of the schools.  

The project to create a School dedicated to the training of linguistic experts, interpreters and translators, was born due to the high demand of industries of job-profiles with a high level of linguistic preparation,  therefore with the aim of eliminating the existing distance between university training, often too theoretical, and the needs of the economic world, has been created a unique study program dedicated to the achievement of high languages, interpretation and translation skills with the addition of specific subjects needed by students to enter the job market immediately with the required managerial skills.

The Bachelor Degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation is available entirely taught in English for students who are English mother tongue, or for international students without any knowledge of Italian and with a fluent English knowledge.

International students fluent in English with an Italian language competence equal to B2 have the opportunity to decide to attend the 3-year bachelor program taught both in Italian or in English.

The objective of our work in all these years has been to develop a School of excellence in linguistic training, both at undergraduate and master level, which can offer students a concrete and competitive study-path. The teaching methodology at SSML is unique: foreign languages professors are mother tongue and management classes are held from professors that comes directly from the industry and are professionals with a clear idea of the real needs of the job-market.

To maintain a high standard among our students, SSML admission is regulated by a selective entrance exam; the attendance is mandatory and there is a limited number of students admitted to the School each year.