Career Development

La Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici di Pisa ha un uffico Career Services dedicato agli Studenti dell’ultimo anno di corso e ai neolaureati.

To new graduates many different proposals are offered from SSML Career Office, this is possible thanks to the links of SSML with the industries. SSML provide information to students about the latest opportunities and needs of the industries in order to facilitate students to enter the job market with a practical experience such as an internship focused on the chosen subject of studies. 

The Linguistic Mediator graduated at SSML is an extremely competitive profile. Students that attend SSML programs are not only professionals with an excellent knowledge of foreign languages, but also profile with a high knowledge of marketing, tourism, economy, and law; all essential aspects to be in line with the real requirements of the job market. 

Students have the opportunity to organize private meetings and orientation sessions with the SSML Career Office in order to receive guidance and to revise their curriculum. SSML Career Office also provide tailor-made newsletter with the most up to date requests from industries that are looking to recruit professional coming from this field of studies.